Did you ever see George Clooney?

Best friends are those amongst human beings you just know you can act like a complete maniac with. No matter what, they’ll stand there laughing with you! (Or at you, for that matter). Tell me there aren’t some hilarious moments you’ve shared with your best friend. Sammy and I have been best friends since the 4th grade and we happen to share our love for Bond, James Bond. I mean Clooney, George Clooney. Is there anything, which the man lacks? Clooney has killer looks, fame, money, and the girls of course, and did I mention good looks?

Anyway, so this once Joey, a mutual friend of mine and Sammy’s happened to be at the mall same day, same time, same place as George Clooney! Unbelievable isn’t it? So we thought. But we were willing to take our chances; after all, we had nothing to lose. Who am I kidding I would’ve died to see the man. Sammy and I put on our best dresses and drove early morning to the mall (honest to God, we don’t wake up until its afternoon, but that day had to be an exception). We searched and searched, all the floors, all the stores, all the restaurants; we even searched the play area of McDonald’s! No sign of George.

The funny part is actually, we couldn’t even locate Joey! So Sammy and I spent around 3 hours, running in circles, praying to God somehow we bumped into him (George, of course). “He must’ve left by now, you know.” I said to Sammy. Sammy suggested we take one last round, and so I followed. No luck. So we finally gave up after having our legs exercise so much! Down to the parking we went, only to find a wrongly parked car right behind ours. Wow, just what we needed after a frustrating, disastrous hunt for the hunk! How badly I wanted to murder someone. We sat in the car and waited. We waited patiently. After 10 minutes of wait, I started to honk the horn. After another 7 minutes, before I broke the horn, we called in the security. There was no way the guy would show up.

The thought of reversing my car and bumping into his did cross my mind but I had just turned 17, jail time was not on my “things to do before I die” list. The security arrived and we demanded they towed away the car. The security guard made an announcement over his walky-talky, announcing the car’s number and asking for the owner to come to the parking immediately. “Another 12 minutes of wait” Sammy mumbled. We stood there waiting for the guy…but all that wait and aggravation and misery was put to an immediate end as we saw George Clooney walk in through the gate. My heart almost skipped a beat. No wait, two. I held Sammy’s hand, “Is…that…” were all the words that came out of my mouth. “I am extremely sorry. I thought being George Clooney had its perks!” he chuckled. Should we ask for an autograph? “For the love of God we just had the cops call him!” Sammy exclaimed under her breath. I nervously accepted his apology and apologized back. “Can we please have your autograph? I am so embarrassed right now I want to bury myself in the ground” I said. He laughed and said signing us an autograph was the least that he could do. I wish I could have gathered the courage to propose to him, but I think that was enough awkwardness for the day.

Sammy and I still can’t hold our laughs when we recall that day. For Joey, it was nothing but an uneventful day because the poor guy still hadn’t seen George Clooney in flesh and blood. Seems to me like all four of us were inadvertently playing hide and seek. While George hid and all of us did the seeking! It is, till date, the best and the worst day of our lives.