The Beautiful Moments A Daddy Shares With His Baby

A baby is a beautiful new addition to a family! The birth of a little one completely transforms the parents’ lives.  Each and literally everything that goes on in and out of the house revolves around junior. A father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s biggest hero. It’s true that mommies are irreplaceable but fathers are nothing less than inimitable. The sight of the two of them playing without a care in the world is one of the most heartwarming things to watch. It is after all the dads who can cause those thundering screeches of joyful laughter that shake the entire home and aren’t the moments when the two connect super precious?

The moment a man holds his baby for the first time, there is no measure to the joy he feels. He’s just simply too overwhelmed to thank God enough for the blessing. And a smile wipes away all the negativities from life.

There is a gush of emotions the new father goes through and it never stops therein.  He sees his future associating everything to his child. He knows what he’s holding now is his legacy for life and plans on how he’s going to raise him and provide for him everything in the best of forms. Holding a few hours or days old baby, he sees fifteen or twenty years in a future and wishes for the brightest future for his child and naturally spends the rest of his life trying to make this wish of his come true.

Then come the awaited first baby steps! A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. To a father, seeing his baby walk on his feet for the first time brings a feeling of fulfillment and excitement. Because there is nothing that comforts a father more than seeing his little one running to him after coming home after a long day at work.

And then there comes a time when a baby’s cooing turns into his first word. Usually though, a baby’s first word is “mama” due to the easy pronunciation. Nevertheless, humble daddies are the happiest creatures on earth at the time!

Fathers are adorable people. They are tough men who only soften as they become daddies and devote all of their lives to looking after their children. From singing lullabies to reporting occasionally for call of doodie (bathroom related events), and then from helping the baby walk to giving bicycle training are all taken care of by the oh so caring hands of a father. Despite their jam-packed schedule, daddies cannot help but take out extra time for playtime which always involves the universal tossing-the-baby-in-the-air, a favorite amongst daddies!  And let’s not forget, that as kids grow into adolescents and then into adults, fathers are always by their sides as they go through different phases of life, acting as a confidant, a guiding star, and a mentor.