why women should value BFFs over men.

Relationships are awesome, every kind of them.  A relationship takes two;  two lovers, two friends, two sisters, two colleagues. A relationship means talking and sharing ideas, getting through bad and good situations. A friendship between women is probably one of the truest relationships that can be out there. Women are by nature supportive human beings and love helping others with their problems, that why women friendships last the longest.

Women keep a better relationship with other women than with men because women understand other women, and they know how hard it is to be everything a woman is: feminine yet strong, powerful yet fragile, attractive yet innocent. Women are far more supportive than men and also give better advice. Sisters for example make sometimes an unbreakable ‘couple’, always supporting one another because they may have had the longest relationship because they are related. But even if they don’t have relatives that are women, they will surely develop a friendship with a woman because no one understands you better than another woman. Sure men and women are complementary and eventually form bonds, but men don’t get women as well as other women do. They tend to be insensitive sometimes and most of the time can’t figure out why their significant other is mad at them because they don’t find some things so important as she does, so when a man is not there to comfort her there will always be a woman to do that. Women sustain the lack of communication when needed, give all the support in the world when necessary and most of all will take you somewhere a man will never do with a sincere smile: shopping!

Bear in mind this: whenever a man makes a woman suffer there is another woman out there ready to cheer her up!